Ever since I can remember one of my greatest joys was making something.

I am an artist, designer, communicator, and writer, transplanted from Canada to Sunny Southern California. I have been designing for the last 20 years and have been creating my whole life. When I can share my mind, creative eyes and heart with the world, I am most fulfilled.

Whether we work together on a project, or you purchase one of my creations...you are holding something truly unique in your hands.

I realized in grade school that many of my skills could be transferred into the discipline of graphic design. Being passionate about photography, layout and the print industry, I went ahead and pursued a career in design out of College and have been creating to that end for my clients since.
The difference you will find with my work, is that I strive to not only provide exceptional service and relationship with my clients, but I am always aware and trying to fuse a creative touch, a bit of art, maybe even a bit of whimsy (If applicable!), into my work. An annual report doesn’t have to be boring. Fundraising creative needs to draw the viewer into the mission and vision of the organization. It is my goal to do my best in any avenue I am given to create. When my clients are happy and successful, then so am I!

Every piece of art and every piece of communication is a story.


I love bulldogs (serious love) I have two: Louie and Opal.

I’m a closet potter, literally, I throw my pots in the outdoor closet/shed.

Once upon a time I was in a rock band. I still love music, and sing regularly!

I am from Canada, but was actually born in the UK.

I am a hard core coffee snob.

I play ukulele and love to write songs.

I almost studied fashion design, and to this day have a sincere love for clothing.