The Paragon

Art Direction and Identity Creation for music project “PARAGON”.

Kathryn is a songwriter and music artist based in Ontario Canada. She had finished her collection of songs and wanted to release them one at a time digitally. Our challenge was to design cover artwork for each of the songs, that would be unique, have the voice of the track, but also appear unified. We started by talking about the definition of Paragon and why she decided to name the project after this idea. We created a lightbox of ideas and brainstormed together stylistic ideas that would represent this concept.

Not only is Amy a beautiful artist, she knows graphic design logistics in and out. I've seen her produce thoughtfully-designed small projects, like a children's book, to huge banners and artwork for large public events plus everything in between. Her art is curated with care, skill, and always with your needs in mind. I highly recommend Amy and her work!

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